Herons, egrets, and a red moon

June 24, 2019   It is nearing the middle of summer, and  the rainy season is late in coming here in Kyushu, Japan. Water levels are getting low in all the local dams and rivers systems, exacerbated this time of year by the planting of the rice fields, which need lots of water to flood the fields.    Wading birds are finding it a bit easier to procure a meal as their prey such as fish and crustaceans have less water to hide in and escape to.

  The following video shows a Grey Heron (Aosagi) capturing, killing, and devouring a  very big bullfrog (ushigaeru). It is a bit graphic, so viewer discretion is advised. 

  I also include a video of a Great Egret (Daisagi) and a Little Egret (Kosagi) searching for prey. the Little Egret shuffles it’s bright yellow feet which flushes prey from the vegetation and river bottom.  The Great Egret’s dark legs, in contrast, are difficult for prey to see as it wades around.

Please click on any image for a larger view.

 The strawberry moon appeared low in the horizon a few days ago, as I was driving home. Also during a total lunar eclipse, the moon can appear red because of the Earth’s atmosphere, but in a different way.  A strawberry moon takes on it’s beautiful red color because we are viewing it through the dust and pollution of the lower atmosphere. On the other hand, the reddish color during a total lunar eclipse, (called a blood moon) is caused by the color of the sunsets around the edge of the Earth projected onto the surface of the moon as the sun’s rays pass through the atmosphere. If there were no atmosphere, the moon would appear black. Amazing!

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to get out there and spend some time with Mother Nature.


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