Morning atop a mountain

September 18, 2018

    Last weekend, I was up early in order to drive to Karanno Falls in Sawaraku. I had planned to photograph the falls in the early morning, when light is at it’s best. As I was driving through Nakagawa, I noticed that the shapes and shadows of the clouds were quite interesting, so I suddenly turned  left and headed to the top of Kusenbu. Karanno Falls could wait another day, but these clouds would not. (Just the week before, I had been up on Kusenbu to take a cloud time lapse.) I always love it up there because of the peace and solitude, and the sunrises are never the same. I will include the sunrise time lapse in my next post, and maybe some photos of Karanno Falls.

  Now that Autumn is upon us, birds are becoming more vocal and active in anticipation of their migration. I am looking forward to going out in search of my feathered friends, and perhaps, a good photo or two?

   One of the harbingers of Autumn is the red spider lily, or higanbana as it is called here in Japan. It has a slightly sinister reputation here in Japan. It is used for funerals, and should not be given as a gift. It is a very poisonous plant, and can often be seen planted around the borders of rice fields to keep out pests, though I suspect wild boar are too smart to even consider eating it. See if you can spot the spider.

red spider lily

Until the next post then.  Tom

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