A Day at Ainoshima

 Ainoshima is about 90 minutes by car and ferry from my home in Dazaifu.  It is also known as Cat Island because of the many stray cats that roam the island, especially in the port town. It is a popular destination for cat lovers, and I saw and met some foreigners from America, Korea, and China.

disgruntled cat, Ainoshima

This cat was accidentally kicked by me as I was walking and making adjustments to my camera! This is his disgruntled walk.  I am very sorry, cat.

Ainoshima ferry, Shingu

The ferry, Shingu, I came over on from Shingu Port. It took about 20 minutes and cost 460 yen, one way. There were rolled up bags with a small sign just below that read “barf bags” in English, hanging from posts inside the main cabin.  Ha!

Ainoshima fishing boat blog

  Some of the fishing boats docked in the harbor. Ainoshima has a population of around 500, and most of them are fishermen with their families.

Ainoshima port

Ainoshima shrine

One of the many small shrines I came across as I walked around the island. It is about 5 or 6 kilometers around Ainoshima.

Megane Rock, Ainoshima

One of the natural attractions of Ainoshima is Megane Rock; Glasses Rock in English. Quite a few fishing enthusiasts were on the ferry today, it being Sunday, and they all headed for their favorite spot as they got off the ferry, pulling their gear behind them on two-wheeled carts or in backpacks. This fisherman sure picked a beautiful spot.  Note: Not even one car passed me on the road as I hiked around Ainoshima. Only people on foot or on bicycles. Nice!

Black kite, blog

Black kite, tonbi, Ainoshima

  This black kite, or tonbi in Japanese, was not very shy, and I was able to get rather close. The black kite is a common sight in Japan, especially along the coastlines.

Ainoshima Japanese white eye

Actually, I did not see that many birds, though I heard  a few songs and calls I was not familiar with. This Japanese white eye was one of a flock that was sipping nectar from the cherry blossoms. I noticed the white rings  around all their eyes were lacking  mites and shaped perfectly. Could it be the island population of white eyes is free of this parasite due to isolation?

cliff base, Ainoshima

Looking up cliff face

  I took my lunch break at the base of this cliff on the west side of the island. It was around 30 meters high, I would guess. A piece of cake for Alex Honnold, the great free climber!

Ainoshima penninsula

Goodbye Ainoshima. I will be back someday.

Mainland from Ainoshima

Back to the mainland. I want to return again someday with my bicycle, but it will have to be on a weekday.

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