Misty Morning at Onechi

July 1st, 2016

I had a relaxing and quiet hike to the top of Mt. Onechi last Sunday. It was early morning and the skies were just beginning to brighten. Mist had covered everything with dew, and had softened the bird song that was filtering through the forest. But on this day, they proved to be rather elusive. Here are a few images from that foggy morning.







This is a poisonous mamushi, similar to the copperhead in North America. It was sunning itself at the trailhead and paid me no mind. Trust me, I was using a zoom lens on the last shot!


3 thoughts on “Misty Morning at Onechi”

  1. Beautiful photos brother!! I especially like the leaves in the spiderweb. Another photo, of flowers in the foreground in a misty forest is definitely worthy of a cover on a nature calendar!


  2. Beautiful photos, Tom! Were the rocks (in the last two photos) really blue? [(If so, can you get me one? (smile)]


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