A pair of bramblings (atori in Japanese) at Buzoji Temple

Buzoji Temple

4/21/2016     Yesterday morning I decided to go to Buzoji Temple, where the wisteria are locally famous, with my camera. This time of year, they are blooming  and I wanted to see them and catch their fragrant scent too. As I was about to wash my hands at the temple entrance, I noticed a pair of birds foraging just over the fence. I had not seen this species before, and I quickly got out my camera and took some pictures and a few videos. I later discovered that they were called brambling. They were very camera friendly, approaching within a few meters of me at one point. I noticed they were mostly interested in the seeds of the huge camphor trees within Buzoji. They were very selective, and rejected most of the seeds. I did see the male swallow a few of them.

brambling, male 4,20,16
brambling, female 4,20,16


The video below was taken with a Panasonic FZ200 bridge camera, 240 frames /second.  The soundtrack is from free music archives.  Title: ‘Soaring’ by Lee Rosevere.


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