The Japanese white eye

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4/10/16 I spent most of the morning up on nearby Shioji Mt. yesterday. Discovered a trail I had never been on before. It ran along a small ridge nestled between the two main knobs that make up Shioji Mt.. All along the path were cherry trees, (yamazakura) and also a few red pine trees among others. The path was rather wide and well-lit. A good place for photographing birds. I will return there soon.
Little passerines never cease to amaze me with the acrobatic moves that they perform with such great speed and precision, and without any wasted motion. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the cheerful white eyes sipping from the cherry blossoms. One can not help but smile. (At about 1:10 in the video below, you will hear another white eye start warbling)

2 thoughts on “The Japanese white eye”

    1. Hey Bro, Thanks for your kind reply. I have been wanting to take some night sky shots. Went out last weekend to the top of a nearby mountain. I could only get in a few shots of Jupiter before high clouds rolled in. Will try again when I get the chance, but it has been basically cloudy this past week. I purchased an adapter through Ebay so I can attach my camera to the Celestron telescope you gave me. Looking forward to seeing what the combination is capable of.🔭+📸=🌠?


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