European coot, Ou-ban Tempai Lake 11,15,15
European coot, Ou-ban
great cormorant, kawa-u
great cormorant, kawa-u
little grebe eating, kaitsuburi 11,15,15
little grebe, kaistuburi eating a minnow

        Today I was at Tempai Dam. Found a quiet place under some trees by the water pretty well hidden by the hanging branches. There was no wind this morning, and then the sun chased the clouds away. Perfect conditions for photography. After about an hour passed, three different species of diving birds passed within 10 meters of my position, with about a 10 minute interval between each appearance. It was like watching a parade! Each bird had different color eyes, and it was the first time for me to see the beautiful green eyes of a great cormorant. I saw some Mandarin ducks , so I will go back this week to see if I can get close enough for a good picture. They are so shy.

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