common greenshank (aoashi-shigi)
common greenshank (aoashi-shigi)

common greenshank (aoashi-shigi) 10,04,15 Tataragawacommon greenshank (aoashi-shigi) 10,04,15 Tataragawa 2

10/04/15   Today I went to Tataragawa estuary in Imazu where I go each spring in hopes of seeing the endangered black-faced spoonbill as they migrate through Kyushu. I didn’t expect to see them today as it was a month too early. I saw a few osprey (misago) and some common sandpipers (isoshigi) among others. The common greenshank landed just in front of my position behind some bushes, and I enjoyed watching it wade about in seach of crabs and other small creatures for five minutes or so. It flew off with a high-pitched “chiu chiu chiu!” . It was my first time to see this elegant species.

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  1. Looks similar to the Hawaiian Stilt we saw on Maui and on Oahu next to Kawainui Marsh. There are other locations on Oahu I want to show you which I’m pretty sure you haven’t been to – The hidden pockets of habitat.


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